Written by James Moore

January 16, 2023

Fees and Value

Fees indicate value. Everything worth having comes with a fee. As a buyer, our goal is to discover what products and services are worth their price. We only want to pay for something that will bring true value to our lives.

Today it costs several thousand dollars to buy even an economy vehicle. Most people finance them at a significant interest rate. In our experience, that multi–thousand dollar vehicle isn’t worth much after three or four years. It becomes expensive to operate and is traded in for a new vehicle, and the whole process starts over again.

Our One-Time Fee

Our fee for designing and implementing your Wealth Protection Plan is a one-time fee. It allows you to take care of yourselves and your loved ones, reduce probate expenses, and reduce or eliminate your estate tax burden. It represents your overall wealth protection strategy. The plan may have to be amended from time to time, but unlike automobiles, it will not have to be discarded.

The Problem With “One Size Fits All”

Cadillacs cost more than Chevrolets; a Rembrandt costs more than the work of an unknown artist. The key difference is comparable work. If you want our painting with our signature, you have to be willing to pay our fee. You need to ask yourself, will we get comparable work from a lower charging artist?

For example, no one fully understands how bad “one size fits all”, or “cookie cutter” form documents are until they end up completely hosed by them. They end up sick, broke, or at the end of their lives, wondering what went wrong. When someone hires us, it’s not because of the plaques on our wall. They hire us because the value of hiring us exceeds the price of hiring us.

How to Determine Value

The bottom line is this: value equals quality over price [V=Q\P]. This is why we charge for solutions and not just effort. If you’re thinking of finding another attorney who will do the work cheaper, you need to ask yourself one question. Why is he or she is cheaper than we are? Is he or she really providing comparable work? Does he or she possess comparable skills and experience which will allow him or her to succeed?

Lastly, we are very happy to share with you our confidential fee schedule which educates about our one-time fees. Schedule a no-cost discovery session with us today!

Let us get to know you while you learn about us.

All the best!

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