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The Estate Planning industry is at a crossroads…

Your family isn’t, at least not today. But the decisions you make today may make all the difference in how your family navigates the crossroads moments to come – and they’re likely to be heavily and negatively affected by how so-called “Estate Planners” advise you.

After years of thinking, “we need to get some information in the form of a report to the public,” I finally concluded that the risks facing families are just too high not to get it out now. So, voilà, here is the empowered wealth protection planning report. This report is about empowering you and your family to create, maintain, and implement a successful estate plan, a plan that works. No matter how you’re currently positioned, my goal is to help you begin the process of putting together a plan that works for you and your family – and the time to get started is right now.

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Empowered Wealth Protection Plan  - Moore & Kerbawy

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Authored by: James L. Moore, JD; CExP

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