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Our goal is to provide a road map through the complicated and confusing world of “Estate Planning” to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, people’s anxiety and fear about their future.

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Answers to the Questions You Don’t Know to Ask

What happens if I don't have a plan at all?

Don’t worry, the State of Michigan has one for you.  As Rudy Giulilani, Mayor of New York said; “Hope is not a strategy”.  Many people simply do not invest the time, energy, and money to create any kind of plan at all. They die without leaving even a simple will always saying; ”I’ll get around to it sometime”. We aren’t exactly sure what a “Round TUIT” is but it can’t be good nor will the “no plan plan” accomplish what  you want.

Is there really a way to protect my wealth from both creditors and predators?

The purpose of an Empowered Estate Plan for wealth or asset protection is to title or structure your assets and wealth in such a manner so as to discourage lawsuits that are unreasonable in their scope, as well as avoid the horrendous monetary demands of disgruntled plaintiffs.

Is there a process or strategy I can follow to ensure that I will actually have a plan that works when I need it most?

Absolutely!!!  In our experience, most, if not all, people have individualized lives, facts, circumstances, estates, and families which of course then require individual counseling, design, and planning techniques. Our Three-Step Strategy is designed to do exactly that in order to deal with life as it actually occurs and not as we ‘hope” it will occur. You need a strategy to deal with life as it actually occurs.