Is Estate Planning Really a Lifetime Process?

Written by JamesM

January 24, 2021

is estate planning really a lifetime process?

Is estate planning really a lifetime process? We get asked this question often. The short answer is “yes”.  Estate Planning is not a “one-shot” event. Instead, it is an ongoing process.  This is because families change…goals change…assets change…and the law is always changing.

We can offer you an initial estate or business succession plan coupled with annual or bi-annual information and updates. Along with this, we offer a contract for the final post-disability or death services. This provides quality planning at the lowest possible overall cost to you and your loved ones.

We’re here to help you with your estate planning needs, so that you can feel confident in the future of your family and your estate. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today with any questions or concerns. Let’s sit down and make a comprehensive, confident plan for you.

Not ready to schedule an appointment? Check out our free PDF: The Empowered Estate Plan: Creating, Maintaining, and Implementing a Plan that Works for You and Your Family. 

Is estate planning really a lifetime process? Yes, it is. The decisions you make today will affect your family for years to come. Make the decision to get started today on planning for your future.

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