Loving Trust Planning

What Is “Loving Trust” Planning?

It’s more than controlling property and distributing your funds. It’s passing along family values, your heritage, your hopes, aspirations, dreams and your goals for generations to come.

  • their grandparents’ birthdates and anniversaries?
  • any relatives that were in the Armed Forces? The details surrounding those events?
  • your family’s values, traditions and religious beliefs?
  • your own “growing experiences” in life?

Equally, if not, more importantly, is the idea of providing detailed information regarding your children and loved ones. Have you considered the importance of:

  • a personal letter to the guardians chosen for minor children e.g. (why you chose them, your intentions regarding shcooling, college, religion, etc.)?
  • a personal letter to your own children expressing your hopes and desires for them if you are no longer there?
It has been said that most people will leave more detailed instructions for their babysitter than information concerning their estate plan when they are no longer around. Think about it; this is frightening and should probably create some good family conversations at the dining table. 

These are priceless treasures that need to be memorialized now by incorporating them into your estate plan. Let us help you properly plan, protect and preserve not only your “possessions” but also your “family values and heritage.”

A “Loving Trust” is just another legal document where you designate a person to control your assets, giving you peace of mind so when you’re not here, your loved ones can honor you with clean management of not only your assets but also your family legacy. 

Learn more about Moore & Kerbawy’s process for Estate Planning where we not only care for your assets but we care for you, your family and your legacy.