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The SOOR report said that nearly 80% of owners had no written transition plan, 50% had not planned at all, and 94% of owners had no plans to do anything post-business.

How about you? Have you thought about your transition plan for your business? Would you like to sell your business or transfer your business? What is your Exit Planning strategy?

James Moore, JD; CExP from Moore and Kerbawy and Randall H. Borkus from Borkus Law explained in their new book an authoritative guide on how to sell or transfer your business when you want, for the money you want, and to the people you want.

We recognize that 99% of owners agree that an exit strategy is important. In our book, we begin to educate business owners on the concepts and processes that live actively in their business culture and impact their personal and financial plans daily. If you do our guide, your company and you as a business owner will be on the pathway to significance.

Sell or Transfer Your Business Book - James Moore - Moore & Kerbawy - Exit Planning

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